The welding speed is fast, the quality consistency is good, the surface is beautiful, and there is no unevenness of soldering tin. Welding equipment can avoid the manual welding all kinds of the influence of artificial factors, such as the influence of the operators proficiency, the influence of the physical condition, mood, shadow and so on, to ensure the consistency and reliability of the welding.
    It can reduce the number of operators and inspectors, reduce management difficulty and product cost. Now the labor costs are increasing year by year, and the annual recruitment is the biggest headache for the boss, and the automatic welding function greatly reduces the employees.
    The welding reliability of the string welding machine is much higher than that of manual welding. Poor welding is an important factor leading to premature failure of components. Solar photovoltaic modules design life of 25 years, and the components are usually installed in outdoor, every day to bear the temperature change of around 30 ℃, coupled with the seasons, the change in temperature is bigger. Because the base material of the welded strip is pure copper, the expansion coefficient of copper is about six times that of the silicon (battery chip). This difference means that as long as the temperature is changed, the welding belt and the welding place of the battery will be stressed. Therefore, poor welding leads to reduced power of components, which can lead to component failure. Manual welding the cause of bad welding has a lot of, such as the temperature of the soldering station, flux coating, soldering iron temperature, staff proficiency, etc., some aspects can be addressed by effective management, and in some cases is unable to fully control, for manual welding process factors affecting the reliability of the welding, automatic series welding machine can get a good solution.

Full automatic series welding/single chip welding machine and manual welding
Time: 2019-08-12