Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine Application & Features

Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine Application & Features:
1.Suitable for butt fusion welding of plastic pipes and fittings made of PE,PP, and PVDF in construction site or workshop.
2. Consists of basic frame, heating plate, planing tool, support (for planing tool & heating plate) and hydraulic unit                                                           
3. Removable PTFE coated heating plate with separate temperature control system.                                                       
4. Electric milling cutter with double cutting edge blades.   
5. Support for heating plate and planing tool.                                                                                
6. Low starting pressure ensures reliable welding quality of small pipes.
7.The use of high quality Aluminum pouring casting allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance, while providing extra strength when welding out-of-round pipe
8. Hydraulic pump with controls, and quick release hoses. Includes countdown timers for heating and cooling phases. 
9. High-accurate and shockproof pressure meter indicates clearer reading.
Optional parts:
* Aluminum stub end device for short flange
* Wheeled Trolley
* Narrow Clamps

Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine Application & Features
Time: 2019-08-12