MRH1800 Saddle Fusion Machine

Application & Features:

* Suitable for fabricating PE reducing tee in a workshop. Integrated function of welding and taping enables it can complete the whole fabricating process
*Removable PTFE coated heating plate
*Separate two-channel timer records times in soaking and cooling phases.
*Digital high-accurate pressure meter indicates clearer readings.
*Linear guide ways are equipped with heating plate, planing tool and dragging plate.
* CNC Control is Optional
Technical Specification:

Name Saddle Fusion Welding Machine for reducing tee
Model    MRH1800
Working range Reducing tee
Max. Temp heating plate   270℃
System pressure ranges    0~18MPa
Working voltage     380V,50Hz
Heating plate power    25KW
Hydraulic unit power    3KW
Drill motor power  4KW
Power 32KW



MRH1800/1200 Welding Sheet :

Main pipe
Branch pipe
1200 1400 1600 1800


“⊙”denotation can made saddle fittings. 

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